Workshop on Agriculture and Water Management

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Bucharest, 5-6 November 2012. The Danube and Tisza River Basin Management Plans require a dialogue between stakeholders from the agricultural and water management sectors. To facilitate this, a Workshop on Agriculture and Water Management in the Danube River Basin will be held in Bucharest between 5-6 November 2012.

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According to the outcomes of the Danube and Tisza River Basin Management Plans, a dialogue among stakeholders from the agricultural sector together with water managers on the inter-linkages between agriculture and water management (agriculture and environment) should be initiated.

  • WHAT is the relevance of agriculture sector in the Danube and Tisza River Basins and which are the main pressures from the agricultural activities impacting the quality and quantity of waters of the river basins?
  • HOW the implementation of the EU policies and directives facilitate the reduction of pressures due to agricultural activities in water ecosystems? (e.g. role of Nitrate Directive, EAFRD etc.)
  • WHICH are the agricultural measures currently implemented?
  • WHY a dialogue between the actors of agriculture and water management sectors are crucial and how the dialogue between stakeholders – also including business sector – can facilitate the improvement of the status of the waters in long term?

The workshop is aiming to discuss these questions and to facilitate the dialogue between stakeholders of agriculture and water management.

Objectives of the workshop

  • To provide evidence on the stakeholders involvement and benefits from the agricultural measures implementation
  • To support implementation of Joint Programme of Measures – special focus on measures related to agriculture
  • To identify obstacles/constraints related to agricultural measures
  • To address the identified obstacles and constraints by developing appropriate solutions and recommendations

Expected outputs of the workshop

  • Enhanced knowledge on the significance of EU policies and directives in facilitating the interlinkages between water and agriculture management
  • Information on the initial results in the JPM implementation focus on measures related to agriculture: obstacles, gaps and lessons learned
  • Improved understanding on requirements, measures and needed actions of stakeholders

European Union This workshop is supported by the EU Grant DRBMP-2012.