ICPDR Publishes Guidance Document and Policy Paper on Sustainable Agriculture

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The ICPDR has published a Guidance Document on Sustainable Agriculture, along with a Policy Paper.

"Guidance Document on Sustainable Agriculture in the Danube River Basin" and "Policy Paper on Sustainable Agriculture in the Danube River Basin" cover pages

Agriculture is an important component of the economy in many Danube countries since the geographical and climatic conditions in large parts of the Danube River Basin (DRB) are favourable for agriculture. Although agriculture is substantially subsidized by the European Union (EU) and the national governments, the sector is facing socio-economic challenges. Despite the high share of land being cultivated, agriculture is not among the strongest economic sectors in the DRB.

Thus, in the guidance document, the ICPDR recommends sound policy instruments, financial programs and cost-efficient agricultural measures to protect water bodies for decision makers in the agro-environmental policy field. It offers Danube countries support for the preparation and implementation of their tailor-made national agro-environmental policies, CAP Strategic Plans and relevant strategies of the River Basin Management Plans in good synergy.