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    The Last Mile: World Bank and ICPDR co-organize a workshop on rural water service management

    For many countries in the Danube region, achieving universal access to water services while safeguarding water resources remains a significant challenge, particularly in rural areas.

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    ICPDR to Host Kick-off Event for Tethys Project

    Building on the successes of the Danube Hazard m3c project, the launch of the Tethys project is set to take place on April 11-12, 2024, in Vienna. Funded by the Danube Regional Programme, Tethys will bring together 13 project partners and 10 associated strategic partners to address hazardous substances pollution in the Danube River Basin.

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    Launching SAFETY4TMF: Enhancing Tailings Management Facility Safety in the Danube River Basin

    A highly anticipated kick-off took place in Ostrava, Czech Republic, on 19-20 March, as the SAFETY4TMF project, an acronym for "Coordinated Prevention and Disaster Management Activities on Tailings Management Facilities by Authorities, Municipalities, and Other Stakeholders for Solutions Reducing Transnational Risks and Hazards," was successfully launched.

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    New Guidance Document on Tackling Riverine Plastic Pollution

    Addressing transboundary riverine litter pollution demands a multifaceted strategy, incorporating harmonized actions, standardized measurements, advanced waste management techniques, and heightened awareness on an international scale.
    Our new publication fills a critical gap, emphasizing the need for regulatory frameworks to establish effective waste management systems and deter illegal waste disposal.

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    Shared Waters – Joint Responsibilities: ICPDR Presents Annual Report 2022

    The ICPDR has released its 2022 Annual Report, providing a comprehensive overview of the organization's activities and achievements in safeguarding the Danube River Basin in an eventful year.

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    The new Danube Watch Newsletter has been launched!

    The ICPDR is excited to announce the launch of our digital newsletter, "Danube Watch", marking a new era in our ongoing commitment to the Danube River Basin. This newsletter, scheduled to reach your inbox up to four times a year, is your portal to the latest stories and updates from the vibrant world of the Danube.

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    ICPDR publishes a technical report on accidental pollution hazard

    Presenting the latest in hazard and risk assessments, the ICPDR Technical Report on Accidental Pollution Hazards provides an in-depth analysis of accidental pollution. It highlights updated inventories for Accident Hazard Sites (AHS) and Tailings Management Facilities (TMF), employing advanced methodologies like the Water Hazard Index and Tailings Risk Index. Focusing on the most hazardous sites, the report also offers key recommendations for sustainable pollution prevention

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    The Danube Wild Island Habitat Corridor is getting a makeover thanks to the LIFE WILDisland project

    The project involves 15 partners from 8 countries and aims to restore and conserve 34 islands from Germany to Romania. With the support of the EU Commission, the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River, and the Ramsar Convention, the LIFE WILDisland project is set to become a great example of transboundary cooperation.

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    Successful Biannual Danube Forecasting Forum (DAFF) Enhances Flood Forecasting

    On October 10th and 11th, the much-anticipated biannual Danube Forecasting Forum (DAFF) took place in Budapest, Hungary. Organized in collaboration with the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR) and the EU Joint Research Center (EU JRC), this event brought together stakeholders from the 13 countries along the Danube and members of the Danube Youth Council (DYC) under EUSDR PA5.

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    Fresh Look for ICPDR.ORG: Get Ready to Dive In!

    The official website of the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River,, has undergone a complete makeover. Over the years, our website has grown in content, making navigation increasingly challenging. Our new design not only enhances accessibility through intuitive navigation but also adheres to cutting-edge usability standards.