Danube Adventure online game

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The online game DanubeAdventure.org provides children with an opportunity to learn about the Danube in a playful way. A mix between a quiz and skills games, Danube Adventure was added to the ICPDR portfolio of education activities in 2016.

Screenshot of DanubeAdventure online game

If children can understand the complexity of rivers and ecosystems, they will care about their protection and become concerned adults.

The objective of the online game “Danube Adventure” is to build on the success of Danube Box and transfer the contents and ideas – acquire knowledge about the Danube, water and the life that depends on it – to a contemporary medium.

Danube Adventure targets children between the ages of 10 and 14 years. Players can choose different avatars to take part in their Danube Adventure along the three segments of the Danube which they have to complete. On their upstream journey, they encounter multiple choice questions through which credits can be earned. Once a certain credit score is reached, more avatars become available for the player to use.

To keep the attention span high, the journey is interrupted by ‘skills games’, which provide additional challenges and learning opportunities. For example, in one of the skills games, players take a rest from their journey to catch quickly emerging bubbles representing objects that should not be in the river, such as plastic bags or broken bottles. Back on the river, a database with hundreds of questions teaches children about animals, plants, hydrology, history and geography of the river and the countries along its banks.

Danube Adventure can be played on both computers and phones, is platform-independent and suitable for slower internet connections. The game is a product of the ‘Green Danube Partnership’ between the ICPDR and the Coca-Cola System.