The new Danube Watch Newsletter has been launched!

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Sunset on the water in Romania
Sunset on the water in Romania

The ICPDR is excited to announce the launch of our digital newsletter, "Danube Watch", marking a new era in our ongoing commitment to the Danube River Basin. This newsletter, scheduled to reach your inbox up to four times a year, is your portal to the latest stories and updates from the vibrant world of the Danube.

For over two decades, the print edition of Danube Watch served as the official magazine of the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR), providing in-depth coverage of issues affecting the Danube Basin. Renowned for its scientific accuracy, clarity, and readability, it catered to a wide audience, ranging from environmental experts to individuals passionate about the Danube's wellbeing.

Embracing our dedication to environmental responsibility and in our efforts to maintain the Danube River Basin as a cleaner, healthier, and safer ecosystem, we have transitioned to this fully digital format. This shift not only aligns with our environmental goals but also resonates with the modern, digital-first approach to information sharing.

As we transition from print to digital, the core mission of Danube Watch remains unchanged. Through this digital newsletter, we aim to continue delivering content that is both informative and engaging, connecting with our diverse readership who share a common interest in the future of the Danube River Basin.

Join us in this digital adventure, where each story is a step towards greater awareness and action for the river that unites us all. We encourage you to share the subscription link with your networks and organizations, helping us to spread the word and grow our community of Danube enthusiasts.

We hope you find the newsletter Danube Watch both enlightening and enjoyable, and we look forward to your continued engagement and support.