Czech version of the Platina Manual published - Good Practices in Sustainable Waterway Planning

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Brno, 14 November 2011. The recent publication of a Czech version of the PLATINA Manual is a major step in promoting good practices in inland navigation and waterway planning. The translated manual was presented in the framework of the PLATINA Interactive Conference and Workshop held in Brussels on 15th November 2011. It can be downloaded from a link provided below.

The preparation of the Czech version of the Manual was financed by the Directorate of Waterways of the Czech Republic. It was prepared by WELL Consulting, LTD which has been dealing with environmental aspects of the development of inland waterway transport. It is important to mention that WELL Consulting also participated in the creation of the original English version. The Czech version of the Manual should contribute to the efficient planning and implementation of development projects on waterways in the Czech Republic.

The Platina Manual on Good Practices in Sustainable Waterway Planning was first launched in July 2010, providing guidelines for planning waterway development projects that are compatible with environmental protection requirements. The main aim of the Manual was creating a win-win harmony by ensuring that environmental considerations are built into inland waterway projects.

The new Czech version of the Manual could become a model for other countries in the Danube River Basin to develop versions on national languages. Further development and implementation of local versions of the Platina Manual would make the unique platform for communication and cooperation between the countries towards common goal - benefit of Europe’s rivers and canals. You can download the Czech version of the Platina Manual here.