JDS3 Final Scientific Report available

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Vienna, 22 March 2015. The Joint Danube Survey 3 (JDS3) was the world’s biggest river research expedition in 2013. Its results are now available in a comprehensive report, which can be downloaded from this website.

Woman using microscope

The Joint Danube Survey pursued three main objectives:

  • To collect information on parameters not covered in the ongoing monitoring
  • To have data that is readily comparable for the entire river because it comes from a single source
  • To promote the work of the ICPDR and raise awareness for water management

For six weeks between 13 August and 26 September 2013, the JDS3 ships travelled 2,375 km downstream the Danube River, through 10 countries, to the Danube Delta. An international Core Team of 20 scientists was responsible for sampling, sample processing, on-board analyses and all survey activities.

Leading laboratories across Europe carried out chemical analyses. Corporate partners, such as the Coca-Cola System and Donauchemie, supported the JDS3 through financial contributions and by sharing their knowledge about water management from a private sector perspective. Public events ensured that everybody could get involved with JDS3.

The JDS3 provided the largest volume of knowledge about the Danube River Basin ever collected through a single scientific exercise. Overall, the results of the three interrelated JDS3 assessments again confirmed that cooperation in the Danube River Basin continues to reap rewards. The waters and life within them are progressively becoming healthier and safer for all. However, some problems still require measures to solve them.

Download the JDS3 Full Scientific Report from: www.icpdr.org/activities-projects/jds3