Danube Day

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“29 June” is the international Danube Day. It was first celebrated by the ICPDR in 2004 to highlight the 10th anniversary of the signing of the Danube River Protection Convention. Through the joint effort of different organizations, the celebration of Danube Day throughout the Danube River Basin became an annual event, paying tribute to the Danube and the rivers that flow into it.

Young girls in traditional clothing posing for picture

Danube Day is celebrated on June 29 throughout the Danube River Basin, along small creeks and large streams. The celebration pays tribute to the vital role the Danube and its tributaries play in people’s lives: providing water, food, power, recreation and livelihoods. Danube Day celebrates the peoples of the region and the wildlife that finds refuge there.

The international Danube Day is a light-hearted and celebratory event where organisations and institutions at every level of society from kindergarten through high-school, to churches, NGOs, scientific institutions and national or local governments are encouraged to participate. Through a diverse range of activities like water related games, field trips, round tables, work shops, educational and public awareness activities, the whole society should gain a stronger emotional and respectful connection with the Danube Basin and its unique biodiversity. The involvement of well know artists and personalities who are committed to act for the Danube Basin, could personally inspire the public to act for the Danube in their everyday lives.


But how does Danube Day help the Danube?

  • It highlights why it’s important to look after Danube rivers.
  • By celebrating successes, it shows what can be achieved.
  • It looks to the future and faced upcoming challenges.
  • It mobilises people to take action for the Danube.