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Danube Art Master logo in ICPDR grey and blue
Danube Art Master logo

Danube Art Master is the Danube region’s flagship international environmental arts competition for children and young people from all schools, NGOs, clubs, day care centres or associations for children in the Danube Basin. It often runs closely alongside Danube Day celebrations,

All contestants are invited to create a piece of art and take part in the competition, which has been uniting thousands of children throughout the Danube River Basin since 2004. The competition doesn’t only bring the youth of the Danube region together, but also educates them about the river’s intrinsic value and importance, and gives them a voice to comment on the future of their environment. 

Danube Art Master is an also an opportunity for the youth to reflect on the health of their local rivers, and to decide how they wish to help preserve these waters for the future. All eligible young artists are encouraged to use material captured, inspired, or borrowed directly from the environment itself in the creation of their artworks, and to look at their local surroundings as a key source of inspiration in the process. Danube Art Master participants must be from a country in the Danube Basin (Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine). Participants are divided based on their age at the time of submitting the entries in the following categories:

  • Juniors: Age 6-11
  • Teens: Age 12-18