ICPDR Celebrates Success at Austria’s Long Night of Research

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areal view of visitors at the ICPDR booth for the Long Night of Research
Visitors at the ICPDR booth at the Long Night of Research 2024 at the VIC

The ICPDR looks back proudly at Austria’s Long Night of Research! Held at the Vienna International Centre on 24th May, this event invited curious minds to engage with the brilliant scientists and researchers shaping our future. Along with other Vienna-based UN organizations, the ICPDR participated in this year's Austria-wide event, which included more than 200 institutions opening their doors to the public.

Under the slogan “Swimming Out of a River of Plastics”, visitors received hands-on explanations of the ICPDR's efforts to combat plastic pollution. Our station featured pollution inventories, interactive elements, and hands-on activities that illustrated the journey of macroplastics to microplastics in our waters. We addressed pressing questions such as:

  • How do plastics impact the Danube?
  • Where does plastic in our rivers come from?
  • How can I prevent plastic pollution?
  • Can citizens contribute to cleaning our rivers from plastics?
  • How much of the plastic waste dumped into our rivers can actually be recycled?
  • Is stopping plastic pollution in freshwater bodies achievable?

Our ICPDR Secretariat staff: Adam, Sylvia, Naela and Hélène were joined by ICPDR Executive Secretary Birgit Vogel, and the PET Cup team from Hungary, who tirelessly work to clean the Tisza River of plastic waste.

The event attracted a record-breaking 2,381 attendees! We thank everyone who stopped by to learn practical steps to reduce plastic pollution and help navigate our waters toward a cleaner, healthier, and safer future.

Whether a lifelong learner, a family seeking a unique adventure, or someone looking for a night out with a difference, the Long Night of Research was a gateway to the unexpected and extraordinary.

Thank you for joining us in this exciting journey of discovery and environmental stewardship!