Management Plans for the Danube River Basin published

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Vienna, 16 December 2015. Defining the water management priorities for the Danube Basin until 2021, the ICPDR has published the Danube River Basin Management Plan Update 2015 and the Flood Risk Management Plan for the Danube River Basin today.

anube River Basin Management Plan Update and Flood Risk Management Plan cover pages

The ICPDR’s Danube River Basin Management Plan - Update  2015 (DRBM Plan) and the 1st Danube Flood Risk Management Plan (DFRM Plan) were adopted. These two plans set the water management priorities for the Danube River Basin until 2021.

The DRBM Plan aims to further protect and enhance the status of all waters, to prevent their deterioration and to ensure the sustainable, long-term use of water resources. It includes latest assessments on significant pressures, water status and a programme of measures jointly agreed by the Danube countries for the period 2015 until 2021. It establishes and strengthens several integrative principles for river basin management, including economic approaches and integration with other sector policies like energy, transport and adaptation to climate change.

The DFRM Plan represents another milestone in the ICPDR’s work towards sustainable flood risk management. It addresses all aspects of flood risk management focusing on prevention, protection and preparedness, includes measures for achieving the established objectives and calls for solidarity among all ICPDR Contracting Parties.

Both management plans were elaborated with involvement of stakeholders and the public. For the next six years, the work of the ICPDR will be streamlined with the implementation of the plans and the measures contained therein.

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