Public Consultation 2009

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For the development of the Danube River Basin Management Plan of 2009, the ICPDR offered several possibilities to stakeholders to contribute to the development of this important work program.

Public participation extends to all water users, to non-governmental organisations, such as local and national environmental groups, and to other stakeholders. Key organisations and citizens’ groups likely to be affected by the plan need to be involved. Many stakeholders submitted comments on the draft Danube River Basin Management Plan, which were carefully screened and integrated as far as possible into the final plan.

To ensure that the public consultation process is as transparent as possible, the ICPDR developed a “Response Paper”, which summarises all comments received and provides information on how the comments have been tackled. The Danube River Basin Management Plan was a key element of ICPDR Ministerial Meeting in Vienna on 16 February 2010. Below, you find the documentation of public consultation efforts accompanying its development.

Stakeholder Forum 2009

On occasion of Danube Day 2009, the ICPDR in cooperation with GWP CEE and funding from the European Commission invited stakeholders from all ICPDR countries to participate in the second basin-wide stakeholder forum. This forum was held in the Slovak capital Bratislava.

The forum aimed to bring stakeholder groups together and serve as a platform for the discussion of the draft Danube River Basin Management Plan. Below, you find agenda, all presentations and the closing report of the Stakeholder Forum.

Comments on the Draft DRBMP 2009

Several stakeholders - NGOs and other interest groups, but also public entities and private individuals - made use of the opportunity to comment on the draft DRBMP. Below, you can download the original comments, which were received from the following entities:

The following organisations and individuals have provided input (which can be found attached below) to the draft Danube River Basin Management Plan:

Association of Water Companies (AWC) -  Slovakia
Association of Industrial Ecology (AIE) - Slovakia (Joint Position Paper with AWC)
Bund Naturschutz in Bayern e.V. - Germany  (Comments in German)
Centre for Environmental Information and Education - Sofia, Bulgaria
Danube Environmental Forum
Euronatur - Germany
Fleckseder Hellmut - Austria
Ganzer Manfed - Germany
International Association for Danube Research (IAD)
Ministry of Environment - Czech Republic
Ministry of Environment - Romania
Ministry of Transport - Czech Republic
National Park Donauauen - Austria
Schindler Michael - Austria
Speleological Association Exploratorii - Romania
University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences - Vienna, Austria
Institute for Water Management, Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering
VGB Powertech