(Press Release) Danube Day 2023: “Keep the Danube Blue!”

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VIENNA, 29 June 2023 – The International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River is delighted to announce the highly anticipated 2023 Danube Day festivities.

Danube Day 2023 Poster - Keep the Danube Blue!

Each year, Danube Day invites around 79 million people in the 14 Danube countries to partake in a beautiful joint celebration and outdoor events throughout several Danube countries! This year, once again, we are delighted to invite guests to experience a multitude of activities on the Danube riverbanks and join us in the mission to #KeeptheDanubeBlue!!

Established in 2004, Danube Day has been an opportunity to commemorate the anniversary of the signing of the Danube River Protection Convention on 29 June 1994 in Sofia, Bulgaria and celebrates the Danube and its tributaries and their vital role in providing water, food, power, recreation, and livelihood.

Over 20 years, Danube Day has grown to become the world’s largest international river festival, populating riverbanks with events and activities from the Black Forest to the Black Sea to celebrate the Danube’s cultural diversity. At the international level, events are coordinated by the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR) from the Permanent Secretariat in Vienna, Austria. ICPDR member countries and partners also organize events at the national level, putting to use their local knowledge side-by-side with international cooperation.

The ICPDR Executive Secretary, Birgit Vogel, said: “Every year on Danube Day, we aim to inspire individuals and communities to take action for a sustainable future. This year again, we invite you all to help us make our shared basin cleaner, healthier, and safer for present and future generations. Europe, including the Danube River Basin, is experiencing more frequent drought events and low water levels in rivers. These changes result from changes in rainfall patterns, increased evaporation due to high temperatures, and the impact of climate change. By joining forces and standing together, we can preserve the pristine blue of the Danube and take meaningful action to mitigate the effects of a changing climate. The International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR) is actively working to understand and address the transboundary needs related to climate change, droughts and low water levels. Let's unite in our commitment to keep the Danube vibrant and resilient for present and future generations."

The International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River is an international organization consisting of 14 cooperating states and the European Union. Since its establishment in 1998, it has grown into one of Europe's largest and most active international bodies engaged in river basin management. Its activities relate to the Danube River and the tributaries and groundwater resources of the entire Danube River Basin, with additional close links with the Black Sea.

For more information about Danube Day 2023 and events taking place throughout the Danube River Basin, visit www.danubeday.org and www.icpdr.org.


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