Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment (PFRA)

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Stop sign in a flooded area
Flood Risk Assessment

In accordance with Article 4 of the FD, the first milestone in the FD basin-wide implementation is undertaking a preliminary flood risk assessment (PFRA), as well as identifying those areas for which it has been concluded that potential significant flood risks exist or might be considered likely to occur (so-called Areas of Potential Significant Flood Risk (APSFR)) as in accordance with FD Article 5.

The first PFRA for the Danube River Basin was completed in December 2011. The updated ICPDR report on preliminary flood risk assessment, published in 2019, presented information on major flood events in the Danube River Basin District, focusing primarily on the last two decades. This document also provided a brief description of the methodology used at the national level for the identification of areas of potential significant flood risk as required by FD Article 5, as well as the methodology agreed by the ICPDR to identify the areas of potential significant flood risk in the Danube River Basin District including those having a transboundary character.