Climate Change Adaptation Measures Toolbox

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This page provides a comprehensive and easy to use toolbox of possible adaptation measures. Please select one or more of the group filters below to obtain detailed information on the measures of interest.

Please find more information in the ICPDR Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change.

Adaptation / creation / modernisation of infrastructure

  • Adaptation /modernisation of infrastructure water to increase the average speed and fluidity of traffic

  • Harmonization and adaptation of the construction of new corridors to actual commercial and transport in Europe and the orientation to the construction of multi-modals corridors

  • Engineering and maintaining fairway and channel

  • Better logistics

Adaptation of existing flood protection infrastructure

  • Introduction of a climate change adaptation factor on dams and dykes (example Bavaria)

Adaptation of flood management

  • Implementation of proper flood control practice

  • Implementation of appropriate floodplain management to explore the benefits of flooding

  • Involvement of local stakeholders

  • Concentration on the reduction of current vulnerabilities to extreme events

  • Highlighting floodplains in river basin management when designating areas for restoration and flood control storage