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Public Participation Schedule WFD & FD Published for Consultation

Vienna, 30 June 2024. In alignment with Article 14 of the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD), public participation in drafting River Basin Management Plans needs to be ensured. The ICPDR is now providing a blueprint for Public Participation activities for the development of the fourth Danube River Basin Management Plan (4th DRBMP Update) until 2027 and the third Danube River Basin Flood Risk Management Plan (3rd DFRMP Update).

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(Press Release) Celebrating 20 years of Danube Day

VIENNA, 29 June – The International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR) announces festivities for Danube Day 2024.

areal view of visitors at the ICPDR booth for the Long Night of Research
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ICPDR Celebrates Success at Austria’s Long Night of Research

The ICPDR looks back proudly at Austria’s Long Night of Research! Held at the Vienna International Centre on 24th May, this event invited curious minds to engage with the brilliant scientists and researchers shaping our future. Along with other Vienna-based UN organizations, the ICPDR participated in this year's Austria-wide event, which included more than 200 institutions opening their doors to the public.

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Tethys Project Launched to Manage Hazardous Substances Pollution in the Danube River Basin

Building on the successes of the Danube Hazard m3c project, the Tethys project was launched in January 2024. Funded by the Danube Regional Programme, Tethys will bring together 13 project partners and 10 associated strategic partners to address hazardous substances pollution in the Danube River Basin.

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ICPDR Proudly Takes on Role of Formal Host and Non-Country Member of Danube WILDisland Ramsar Regional Initiative

The ICPDR is proud to announce its appointment as the formal host and Non-Country Member of the newly established Danube WILDisland Ramsar Regional Initiative (RRI). Approved by the 63rd meeting of the Standing Committee of the Convention on Wetlands, this initiative becomes the 22nd Ramsar Regional Initiative globally and the first river-based RRI in Europe.

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Inspiring and Fruitful ICPDR Hydropower Workshop in Vienna

The ICPDR held a highly successful workshop titled "Sustainable Hydropower Development and Environmental Objectives – Framework, Challenges, and Ways Forward" on 4-5 June 2024 at the BOKU River Lab in Vienna. Building on workshops from 2017 and 2021, the event brought together experts from energy and environmental policy sectors, the hydropower industry, NGOs, and researchers.

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Danube Art Master Celebrates 20 Years with an Exhibition in Bratislava

We are thrilled to report the immense success of the recent Danube Art Master exhibition held in Bratislava. The exhibition ran for one week, from 20-26th June, at the iconic location of Hviezdoslav Square in the old town of Bratislava. A special visit took place during the ICPDR's annual plenary, the 22nd Standing Working Group (StWG) meeting, traditionally hosted by the country holding the ICPDR Presidency, which this year is Slovakia.

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ICPDR publishes a new policy guidance on managing hazardous substances pollution

Controlling hazardous substances in the Danube River Basin is challenging due to knowledge gaps, limited understanding, and weak institutional capacity. The ICPDR's new policy paper, based on the Danube Hazard m3c Project's findings, offers solutions from a collaborative effort with ICPDR experts.

Image of a river at a hydropower plant. On the left handside a logo of the DanubeHIS portal, in the center a text  that reads: check your water level. A blue box in the centrer below the text reads view latest measurements.
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ICPDR Launches Danube Hydrological Information System

The newly launched Danube Hydrological Information System (DanubeHIS) offers near real-time and validated long-term hydrological and meteorological data for the entire Danube basin. This system is instrumental in enhancing flood risk management and supporting water-related scientific research. Explore this valuable resource and its near real-time data capabilities to better understand and manage the complexities of the Danube basin.

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The Last Mile: World Bank and ICPDR co-organize a workshop on rural water service management

For many countries in the Danube region, achieving universal access to water services while safeguarding water resources remains a significant challenge, particularly in rural areas.