ICPDR Releases "Ice Report 2017"


Freezing weather conditions in the winter months have been a fact of life on the Danube since time immemorial, but the months of January and February 2017 saw many countries in the Danube Basin and its tributaries facing an especially bleak situation.

"Report on the Ice Event 2017 in the Danube River Basin" cover page

Ice drifts appeared and aggregated into ice jams along the entire length of the Danube. Fortunately, contingency measures ensured that no casualties were reported during last year’s event and damage and disruption were kept to a minimum. The event did however highlight the need for the basin-wide development of technical and human resources for sustainable and coordinated ice-management.

The ICPDR has published an ‘Ice Report’, compiled by its Flood Protection Expert Group (FP EG) which contains a comprehensive overview of ice features, past ice events on the Danube, lessons learnt and recommendations for the future. The objective of this document is to disseminate up to date information and stimulate an exchange of ideas and experiences to ensure that the river is able to cope with all types of extreme weather events as and when they occur in these times of global climate change.

Source and Editorial: ICPDR