2012 interim report on implementation of Joint Program of Measures

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Vienna, 10 Jan 2013. The 2012 "Interim Report on the Implementation of the Joint Program of Measures in the Danube River Basin District" was published by the ICPDR. Here you can download the document.

a large body of water with a city in the background

The objective of the 2012 Interim Report is to provide an overview on the state of play regarding the implementation of the Joint Programme of Measures as included in the 1st Danube River Basin Management Plan and agreed by the Danube countries. The reference date for the assessment is the situation by the end of 2012.

The structure of the report builds on the structure of the 1st Danube River Basin Management Plan and therefore the four “Significant Water Management Issues” (SWMI) identified in the frame of the ICPDR for the Danube River Basin District, that affect directly or indirectly the status of both, surface water and 11 transboundary groundwater bodies of basin-wide importance:

  • Pollution by organic substances
  • Pollution by nutrients
  • Pollution by hazardous substances
  • Hydromorphological alterations

For transboundary groundwater bodies, progress in measure implementation with regard to qualitative and quantitative issues are addressed in the report. Beside the identified SWMIs on which the structure is based on, the report also addresses progress on important issues the ICPDR is working on such as the integration with the sectors navigation, hydropower and flood protection as well as on other topics, in particular climate adaptation, invasive alien species and sediments.

Finally, the report also addresses the activities which were undertaken towards financing the Joint Programme of Measures, what is key for measures implementation.

The files can be downloaded below.