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Changes in corporate practice are essential to achieve progress in meeting the obligations and activities under the Danube River Protection Convention. The cooperation with the business and industry sectors is important for the long-term success towards achieving sustainable water management.

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Cooperation with business has increasingly been seen as necessary and positive for the ICPDR in reaching the goals established under the DRPC.

As has been stated in the ICPDR Guidelines for Cooperation with Business, changes in corporate practice are essential to achieve progress in meeting the obligations under the DRPC. During recent years, the ICPDR took steps to cooperate with business. This cooperation has been beneficial in creating positive actions at the local level (i.e. joint actions on Danube Day, river clean-ups, and specific local actions) and constructively using the strengths (i.e. marketing) of the business sector together with the ICPDR strengths as an international organization active throughout the Danube.

Business Friends of the Danube

In 2008, the ICPDR has launched the 'Business Friends of the Danube'. The cooperation between businesses and the ICPDR should contribute to aligning specific corporate activities with the objectives of the Danube River Protection Convention. The involvement of a company in the Business Friends of the Danube does not establish any form of general endorsement of the ICPDR of the respective corporation or its practices.

The "BFoD" have been put into life together with The Coca-Cola Company, Coca-Cola Hellenic and the Austrian Broadcasting ORF. In 2009, Borealis and in 2012, General Electric Romania joined this community. Companies that are active in this network pursue activities in cooperation or in line with the ICPDR - modelled after the long-standing and highly successful "Green Danube Partnership" with the Coca-Cola System.

"Green Danube Partnership" with Coca-Cola

In June 2005, the ICPDR singed a Memorandum of Understanding with The Coca-Cola Company and its largest European bottler Coca-Cola Hellenic, for the joint protection and preservation of the Danube River. Under the agreement, an extensive range of activities have been pursued. 

Partnership Opportunities and How to Join

There are a number of opportunities available to both sides of the partnership. These should support ICPDR efforts in implementing the Danube River Protection Convention and EU legislation, through sustainable river basin management, environmental protection, nature conservation, pollution reduction, emergency preparedness and/or disaster relief.

Examples of possible activities, projects and opportunities include:

  • Raising public awareness and participation through publicevents (e.g. Danube Day), educational materials (e.g. Danube Box) and publications (e.g. Danube Watch magazine)
  • Improving scientific knowledge through research projects, expeditions and training
  • Improving the knowledge and capacity of water managers