Danube Watch 3/2016

Danube Watch 3/2016

Owner/Publisher: ICPDR – International Commission for the
Protection of the Danube River, Vienna, icpdr@unvienna.org;
Executive Editor: Hélène Masliah-Gilkarov; Editor: Kirstie Shepherd;
Design: www.studiodluxe.at;
Cover photo: Kudich/Donau-Auen National Park; The colourful Kingfisher is the flagship species of the Donau-Auen National Park.

Danube Watch is the official magazine of ICPDR, the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River. Danube Watch enhances regional cooperation and information sharing on sustainable water management and environmental protection in the Danube River Basin. It reports on current issues affecting the Danube Basin, and on action taken to deal with challenges in the river basin. Striving for scientific accuracy while remaining concise, clear and readable, it is produced for the wide range of people who are actively involved in the Danube River Basin and are working for the improvement of its environment.

The ICPDR accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to information or opinions of the authors of the articles in this issue.

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  • Dear Readers, You may already know that the Danube region comprises an impressive ecosystem we all benefit from. What is less known is that the Danube region also features an impressive
  • News & events ICPDR celebrates 20 years AT Donau-Auen National Park On 27 October, the Donau-Auen National Park celebrated 20 years of existence. Since its founding in 1996, the work of
  • The public river: why stakeholder management on the Danube matters For participation, like rivers and waters themselves, there can be no boundaries, and for true integrated river basin
  • The rising tide of public participation From water quality to flood prevention, stakeholders are more involved with water issues in the Danube River Basin – which is proving to
  • Danube Art Master: celebrating children’s environmental art The international school competition, created at the initiative of the ICPDR as part of Danube Day, will be returning in 2017 after
  • Raising concerned Danube Citizens The Danube River has a shared past that unites over 80 million people living in the basin; whether it has a sustainable future depends on the
  • Plastics and microplastics in the Danube River While there is increasing awareness of the environmental dangers posed by plastics, until now few fresh water studies were available for
  • SWMI – a funny acronym for serious issues The EU Water Framework Directive aims to make all waters cleaner and healthier. To meet these requirements, the ICPDR's Danube
  • The smallest sturgeon species is making big progress While their larger sturgeon cousins have become extinct in the Upper Danube in the last century as a result of overfishing and
  • ICPDR study visits: drivers of technical assistance and information exchange The Danube Basin is a model for cooperation and by sharing its success and challenges the ICPDR can bring
  • Learning from the ICPDR The work of the ICPDR is supported by a team of staff members, including interns, drawn from across the Danube Basin, all working to ensure the sustainable and
  • The Donau-Auen National Park – a day in the life With the founding of the Donau-Auen National Park in 1996, the area east of Vienna was made an international refuge where unique ecosystems can
  • Kingfisher Alcedo atthis   The kingfisher perches above the water on the lookout for small fish. Once it spots a fish, the kingfisher plunges into the water – even submerging
  • Danube Day 2016 Thirteen countries marked the 13th Danube Day: a superb celebration of the many ways that rivers enrich our lives. An estimated 25,000 people participated in 160 events. They


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