Danube Watch 3/2012

Danube Watch 3 2010

Owner/Publisher: ICPDR – International Commission for the
Protection of the Danube River, Vienna, icpdr@unvienna.org;
Executive Editor: Benedikt Mandl; Editor: Kirstie Shepherd;
Design: Agentur 7, Sylvia Kostenzer; Cover photo: Kudich
Zsirmon; Print: Druckerei Janetschek, Vienna

Danube Watch is the official magazine of ICPDR, the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River. Danube Watch enhances regional cooperation and information sharing on sustainable water management and environmental protection in the Danube River Basin. It reports on current issues affecting the Danube Basin, and on action taken to deal with challenges in the river basin. Striving for scientific accuracy while remaining concise, clear and readable, it is produced for the wide range of people who are actively involved in the Danube River Basin and are working for the improvement of its environment.

The ICPDR accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to information or opinions of the authors of the articles in this issue.

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  • Dear Readers You hold in your hands the last issue of Danube Watch for 2012. Writing an editorial for a ‘closing issue’ is a good opportunity for me to reflect on this
  • News & events FoRMeR ICPDR HeaD oF DelegaTIoN MR. JaRoslav KINKoR Passes away The ICPDR lost an excellent water expert and an appreciated contributor to the work of
  • Re-establishing river continuity is a key issue for fish, but is also necessary to achieve the objectives of the EU Water Framework Directive.
  • A unique collection of standard definitions for environmental risk assessment terminology in EU legislation is now available.
  • Sharing its expertise in waste collection and waste treatment, the Port of Vienna proves it can play a significant role for sustainable transport in the EU Strategy for the Danube Region.
  • Through a partnership of river organisations, a new prize launching next year will recognise efforts to overcome water management challenges on rivers from the Ural Mountains to the...
  • A restoration project for the Matasaru-Fusea quarry has brought together building materials company Lafarge with WWF Romania to find a way to maintain ecosystems and help nature find its way.
  • More than 600 pages of abridged texts in German about the Danube – prose, reports, historic scriptures – are presented in a new collection by the Austrian publisher Wieser.
  • In 2013, the ICDPR will provide an internship opportunity as part of a unique programme training the scientists, managers and leaders who will tackle tomorrow’s environmental challenges...
  • Successful implementation of water management strategies requires close cooperation between experts and organisations involved or interested in river basin management planning – in...
  • Through a partnership programme from The Nature Conservancy, river managers from around the world, together with scientists, corporations and public agencies, are collaborating to restore the health...
  • Important progress has been made in water protection in Europe over the past few decades. However, Europe’s waters still need increased efforts to get them clean, to bring them back to...
  • Wetlands connect us all, upstream-downstream along the rivers. A recent conference organised in the Danube River Basin brought together participants from all over the world to find sustainable...
  • Danube Day was a superb celebration of everything achieved in the 18 years since the signing of the Danube River Protection Convention. Whether you were one of the hundreds of thousands who...
  • For final dates, please consult the ICPDR calendar, available at www.icpdr.org/calendar. 11-12/12/2012 VIEnnA, AUStRIA


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