Danube Watch 2 2010 - ICPDR MEETINGS


For final dates, please consult the ICPDR calendar,
available at www.icpdr.org.

5-6/4/2011 vienna, ausTria
  ThirD meeTing on The folloW-up of The JoinT sTaTemenT on inl anD naVigaTion anD enVironmenT
7-8/4/2011 Zagreb, croaTia
  public parTicipaTion experT group meeTing
11/4/2011 uZhgoroD, ukraine
  TisZa minisTerial meeTing
12-13/4/2011 uZhgoroD, ukraine
  unDp/gef TisZa proJecT final sTakeholDer meeTing
12-16/4/2011 uZhgoroD, ukraine
  TisZa group meeTing
14-15/4/2011 lJublJana, sloVenia
  firsT apc experT group meeTing (ap + aeWs)
18-19/4/2011 oDessa, ukraine
  33rD riVer basin managemenT experT group meeTing
28/4/2011 locaTion To be DeTermineD
  Dbu – Workshop on Danube-relaTeD research anD acTiViTies
17/5/2011 Vienna, ausTria
  aD-hoc sTraTegic experT group meeTing
5-6/5/2011 locaTion To be DeTermineD
  economic Task group meeTing
16-17/6/2011 kieV, ukraine
  ninTh icpDr sTanDing Working group meeTing
  focus on floods: flood induced migration
sustainable flood protection
a new chapter in the story of hydropower?

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