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Managing the Danube until 2021: Have a say!

© ICPDRThe public consultation for the Danube River Basin Management Plan Update 2015 and the first Flood Risk Management Plan is under way. Drafts of the two plans were published for comments on ICPDR.org in December last year. In May, when further details will be available, a social media campaign will encourage comments and a film clip, under production, will explain the importance of the public’s role. However, the highlight of these consultation efforts will be a stakeholder consultation workshop, which will take place in Zagreb, Croatia, on 2 and 3 July.
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Climate Change Adaptation Strategy for Rhine Basin

The International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine has published a climate change adaptation strategy for the Rhine River Basin district. The development of this strategy is based on a sound evaluation of scientific studies, a process that started as early as 2007. Addressing an expected precipitation increase of 20% in winter and a decrease of 10% in summer, the adaptation strategy also had to take regional variability into account. Projections are divided into ‘near future’ until 2050 and ‘distant future’ until 2100.
Download the strategy at: www.iksr.org

Apply now for the IRF European Riverprize

© IRFThe International RiverFoundation is calling for applications for the 2015 IRF European Riverprize, an esteemed award for the restoration, protection or sustainable management of European rivers and wetlands. Any organisation or partnership can apply, regardless of the size of the river or the scale of the work. The winner will automatically qualify for the Thiess International Riverprize in 2016. Applications can be made on the IRF website, and the first stage of the application process must be completed by 29 May 2015.
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SAVAPARKS: Network of wetlands established

© D. GugicFifteen institutions and organisations from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia signed the SAVAPARKS Declaration on the occasion of World Wetlands Day, establishing a network of wetlands and protected areas. The network will develop guiding principles on nature conservation, river and floodplain rehabilitation and sustainable use of water in the Sava River Basin. SAVAPARKS links a significant variety of the basin’s unique natural and cultural heritage features of the Sava River Basin, which is a tributary of the Danube.



Fourth implementation report on the Water Framework Directive and Floods Directive

SEEOn 9 March, the European Commission published an interim report to the European Parliament and Council on the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive. The report includes a review of progress on the Programmes of Measures planned by Member States in their river basin management plans. The report is based on analysis of the reports submitted by Member States and also suggests improvements to future programmes of measures for update of the river basin management plans. To identify and build on existing synergies with the Floods Directive, the report also includes an assessment of that Directive’s implementation.
Download the report and supplementary information


New Heads of Delegations to the ICPDR

The ICPDR welcomes new heads of delegations. For Croatia, Mr. Ivica Plišić takes over from Mr Dražen Kurečić, who is presiding over the ICPDR in 2015 (see interview page 24); for Ukraine, Mr MykhailoTomakhin takes over from Mr. Mykola Melenvskyi. Danube Watch thanks the outgoing heads of delegations for their support and is looking forward to working with their successors.


New Financial Management Officer in ICPDR Secretariat

The ICPDR Secretariat has a new staff member: as Financial Management Officer, Ms Joanna Blaszkiewicz will support the sound and efficient use of the commission’s resources. The Polish accounting specialist will add a wealth of experience to the Secretariat, derived from an international career in different industries with a strong regional focus on Central and South-East Europe. Until recently, Ms Anna Koch was in charge with the ICPDR’s financial administration, assisted by Ms Conny Gehringer, they have both left the ICPDR Secretariat. Danube Watch wishes Ms Blaszkiewicz all the best for her new tasks and thanks Ms Koch and Ms Gehringer for their services.

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