Danube Watch 1/2015 - ICPDR MEETINGS


For final dates, please consult the ICPDR calendar,
available at www.icpdr.org.

12-17/4/2015 Daegu & Gyeongbuk, Korea
  Seventh World Water Forum
23-24/4/2015 Zagreb, Croatia
  17th Public Participation Expert Group Meeting
23-24/4/2015 Prague, Czech Republic
  41st River Basin Management Expert Group Meeting
28/4/2015 Budapest, Hungary
  EU Strategy for the Danube Region, Priority Area 5 Steering Group Meeting
11-13/5/2015 Belgrade, Serbia
  23rd OSCE Economic and Environmental Forum ‘Water governance in the OSCE area - increasing security and
stability through cooperation’
12-13/5/2015 Venue to be determined
  22nd ICPDR Tisza Group Meeting
2-3/6/2015 ZAGREB, CROATIA
  13th ICPDR Standing Working Group Meeting
2-3/7/2015 Zagreb, Croatia
  ICPDR Stakeholder Consultation Workshop
  Management plans for the Danube River Basin

Danube Day 2015

Innovative projects in the Danube Basin

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