From Convention to Action: 25 Years of the ICPDR

Covering a period of 25 years (from its founding until 2019), this brochure celebrates 25 years of the ICPDR, summarising our key achievements and giving a historical overview of the region. This document presents the a quarter of a century of activity by the ICPDR, and provides a historical and geographical context to explain our work, and key achievement.s There is a long history of transboundary cooperation in the Danube Basin, and scholars of international law often identify the Danube Basin as the region where international organisations first evolved.


  • application/pdf From Convention to Action: 25 Years of the ICPDR (1.75 MB)
    In 25 years from its founding until 2019, the ICPDR brought its member countries together and succeeded in the first steps for the region towards securing water status for the future. This brochure collects two-and-a-half decades of achievements along the world's most international river.

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