Symposium on “Business, Water and Wetlands”

The purpose of the symposium is to discuss issues related to the role of the private sector in water, the water footprint, as well as wetland and river basin management, with particular attention given to the Danube River Basin.

The event will be organised in two parts:

  • A symposium on 9 July 2012 (11:00-18:00) will examine general issues and experience related to cooperation between private and public entities.
  • A roundtable in the morning of 10 July 2012 (09:00-12:30) will deal with the private sector and water management in the Danube River Basin

Recent years saw a growing interest of large corporations to take action towards a more sustainable use of water resources. This was met with a growing need of the public sector to involve private players in the endeavour to preserve and use sustainably water and its associated resources.

This development led to the establishment of many “Public-Private Partnerships”. Corporate Social Responsibility has become a key factor in water and river basin management. This involves not only companies traditionally active in the water sector such as beverage bottlers, but increasingly also companies with a less direct handle on water.

The event will be held at Hotel Parliament, 106 Izvor Street, 5th District, 050564, Bucharest, Romania.

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