Shared waters – joint responsibilities: ICPDR presents Annual Report 2021

The conclusion of a six-year cycle
2021 marked the end of the six-year cycle closing works on two major efforts: the Danube River Basin Management Plan (DRBM Plan) and the Danube Flood Risk Management Plan (DFRM Plan). From March to September, the ICPDR undertook its Public Consultation Process for the DRMBP and DFRMP Updates 2021. This process allowed the public and ICPDR stakeholders to provide input and feedback to be considered for the draft plans, which will guide the ICPDR’s work until the 2027 update.

Publishing the Most Comprehensive River Survey in the World
Along with the updates, the report outlines the process behind the fourth Joint Danube Survey, the most comprehensive global investigative surface water monitoring effort, also occurring once every six years. In coordination with the ICPDR, hundreds of experts from Danube countries and other actors engaged in the fourth Joint Danube Survey. The survey provides an up-to-date and comprehensive picture of the status of the Danube River Basin, including tributaries, surface water bodies, and groundwater alongside the Danube River. The final results have also been published and made available online to the public and scientific communities.

Source and Editorial: ICPDR

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