World Water Week 2011 - Water in an Urbanising World

Each year the World Water Week addresses a particular theme to enable a deeper examination of a specific water-related topic. This year’s topic is “Water in an Urbanising World”. The topics are grouped within a general theme that is designed to develop a long-term perspective on a broad, yet significant water and development issue, spanning several years. This also ensures that each year builds upon the previous years' outcomes and findings.

Whilst the Wold Water Week seeks to reflect on global issues, the ICPDR addresses many of the questions regarding urbanisation in the Danube River Basin. Several measures described in the Danube River Basin Management Plan (DRBMP) target the treatment of urban wastewaters: for instance, the phasing out of all discharges for untreated wastewater from towns with a population greater than 10,000 by 2015. Other measures target water supply and the improvement of drinking water for cities where necessary.

A completely different aspect of “water in an urbanising world” can be seen in floods and draughts, seasonal and local events that require internationally orchestrated replies. The ICPDR acts as a forum to coordinate environmentally friendly measures to protect people from negative effects of floods. From the global perspective, there are areas where urbanisation proceeds more quickly than in the Danube River Basin. Nevertheless, the more than 80 million people that call the Danube River Basin their home will provide many interesting case studies for the workshops and lectures of the World Water Week. The ICPDR wishes the Stockholm International Water Institute a successful and productive week.

To learn more about the World Water Week, follow the link in the box to the right. To learn more about the Danube River Basin Management Plan, click here.

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