World Water Day 2011 - Water for Cities

Every year, the World Water Day has a different motto. This year’s motto is “Water for cities: responding to the urban challenge”. Clearly, the ICPDR has a lot to say about issues related to urban water supply, as well as waste water treatment.

Recent years saw great endeavours by the contracting parties of the ICPDR to improve the management of urban water use. A detailed description can be found in the “Danube River Basin Management Plan”. For a general and concise introduction, have a look at the brochure on the plan.

The ICPDR wishes all readers of our website a happy World Water Day. Meanwhile, preparations for “Danube Day 2011” are getting into full gear. Upon the occasion of Water Day, we are happy to announce that the Danube Day Website is online now with the layout for this year: Get active for the Rivers!


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