Sustainable waterway planning manual published

PLATINA member ICPDR has co-ordinated the production of the document which is the result of a consultative process between waterway operators and managers, and environmental organisations, The document provides guidelines for planning waterway development projects that are compatible with environmental protection requirement, creating a win-win harmony. The manual offers general advice for waterway infrastructure projects and addresses both technical planners and other interested stakeholders who want to be involved in a waterway development planning process.

The manual is a new planning tool which could help to substantially enhance and smoothen communication between the transport and environment sectors.

The manual can be downloaded from the PLATINA webpage and from the attachment below



  • » Joint Statement: Navigation & Environment
    In October 2007, a "Joint Statement on Inland Navigation and Environmental Sustainability in the Danube River Basin" was concluded and very positively received by stakeholders. In the years that followed, the responsible government authorities and interest groups met again to discuss the progress achieved so far and how to improve the application of the Joint Statement in waterway projects. These meetings continue.


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