Plaquettes at the Source of the Tisza River - Ceremonies from 24th to 26th of June

Through the presentation of stone plaquettes the Tisza Basin countries want to give a sign of the significance of transboundary cooperation between the countries sharing the Tisza River Basin. The Tisza River Basin is one of the most picturesque territories of Europe. Mountain streams, meandering rivers, diverse floodplains are characteristic of this region.

It is home to 14 million people throughout five countries – Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Serbia. There is much to be proud of in the Tisza River Basin – including unique cultures, rare flora and fauna, a rich supply of natural resources and the waters of the Tisza River itself.

The Tisza River rises in the Carpathian Mountains in northwestern Ukraine and is formed from the confluence of the Bila and Chorna Tisza Rivers. Further headwaters rise in the eastern mountains of the Slovak Republic, two of them in the Narodny (National) Park. The Uzh/Uh and Latorytsa/Latorica tributaries flow from Ukraine into the Slovak Republic where they, together with Ondava, Topľa and Laborec Rivers, form the Bodrog River before it enters Hungary.

The Somes/Szamos and the Mures/Maros rise in the Romanian Carpathians, while the rivers forming the Cris/Körös system rise in the Apuseni Mountains. At the Ministerial Meeting on 11 April 2011, the Integrated Tisza River Basin Management Plan was adopted – a milestone in orchestrating multilateral efforts to protect this unique European landscape and its environmental assets.

Schedule for the Presentation of Stone Plates

The joint responsibility to manage the Tisza River Basin in a sustainable manner will be commemorated through a set of five stone plates, presented in a series of events under the umbrella of Danube Day activities end of June 2011. The event location will be the source of the Tisza River and will be supported through the Green Danube Partnership between the ICPDR and Coca Cola Hellenic. 

24th of June

Evening – departure from Uzhgorod to Solotvyno (towards the mountains) – 4 hours drive

25th of June

12:00 Transfer to Jasinya (Rakhiv rayon) to the source of the Tisza

13:00 Official opening of the plates by five countries: Hungary,  Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine at the source, followed by music performance,  TV and journalist press-conference and  barbeque in the mountains.

16:00  Return to Jasinya.

26th of June

11:30 All-Zakarpattya Children Festival “Tisza - Younger Sister of the Danube” – all day long competitions in eco advertisement, art, songs, creativity and erudition in Jasinya village.

For more information please contact Olena Marushevska, Public Participation Expert, Ukraine  mobile +380 67 9 062 061

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