General Publications


  • application/pdf ICPDR Climate Change Adaptation Strategy Brochure 2018 (5.49 MB)
    The ICPDR Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change aims at offering guidance on the integration of climate change adaptation into ICPDR planning processes. It promotes action in a multilateral and transboundary context and serves as reference document influencing national strategies and activities.
  • application/pdf Report on the Ice Event 2017 in the Danube River Basin (10.7 MB)
    The ICPDR has published an ‘Ice Report’, compiled by its Flood Protection Expert Group (FP EG) which contains a comprehensive overview of ice features, past ice events on the Danube, lessons learnt and recommendations for the future.
  • application/pdf A Shared River - Managing the Danube River Basin (20.15 MB)
    In its work to implement the EU’s Water Framework Directive (WFD) the ICPDR and its partners have developed a truly integrated approach to the management of the river basin and its resources. Today the ICPDR serves its member countries as a highly successful platform for consultation, coordination and the integrated management of the Danube River Basin. Because of its success, the ICPDR has also become a global model for the transboundary management of many shared river basins around the world.
  • application/pdf Committed to the Danube (2.65 MB)
    The work of the Danube countries and the ICPDR brings together all stakeholders in the region to find a balance between the needs of the people living in the basin, and the needs of the river itself.

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