Financing the Joint Programme of Measures

In order to facilitate and to secure that funding needs for actions to improve water quality in the Danube River Basin are met, the ICPDR Secretariat and the Serbian Government have organized a Funder's Consultation Meeting involving members of the ICPDR delegations as well as representatives of financial institutions and programs.

The one and half-day meeting has taken place at the Sava Centre - Congress Culture & Business, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia with the objectives to present and to learn the funding needs for the actions identified in the Danube JPM, to explore existing potential funding of the actions needed, and to brainstorm and discuss the actions needed for securing the long-term matching of needs and funds.

The conference brought together official representatives from Danube countries that have been at the forefront of contributing to the development of the Danube River Basin Management Plan and the Joint Programme of Measures, and representatives of financing institutions and programs who will share with the meeting participants their experiences with investments in the region.

The event was very successful and  represents the first step towards financing of the JPM measures. Currently, bankable and attractive investment proposals  are under development, which will be discussed in the fall 2010 in a larger Donors' Conference Meeting in Belgrade, Serbia.

Please find below the agenda of the Donors' Meeting of May 2010!


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