Danube Floodrisk project: Contribute to questionnaire

The main task of this integrative project is focusing on the most cost-effective measures for flood risk reduction:

-    risk assessment
-    risk mapping
-    involvement of stakeholders
-    risk reduction by adequate spatial planning
-    stakeholder involvement
-    dissemination of information and awareness rising

These measures can only be achieved through transnational, interdisciplinary and stakeholder oriented approaches, connected in a joint transnational project. The project serves as a platform for scientists, experts, NGOs, public servants and stakeholders, giving them an opportunity to be active in supporting the Danube Floodrisk Project. The product of this cooperation will be a flood risk assessment and mapping plan, which will be self-running after the starting phase.

“Stakeholder oriented flood risk assessment for the Danube River” will not only help and substitute the cost-effective measures for the flood risk protection, but also raise the awareness of the public, politicians and other relevant organization towards flood problems.

Help in building one integrative, transnational system for a better future. Give FLOODRISK your opinion by filling out a questionnaire targeted at stakeholders in the region. You find the questionnaire at this url:

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