Public Consultation on Draft River Basin and Flood Risk Management Plans 2021

As the culmination of our six-year management cycle, the ICPDR is currently developing its Danube River Basin Management Plan and Danube Flood Risk Management Plan Updates 2021, which will guide activities throughout the Danube River Basin for the next six years from 2021 - 2027. These plans aim to make the waters of the Danube River Basin cleaner, healthier, and safer. They will further protect and enhance the status of all waters and to ensure the sustainable, long-term use of water resources as well as the sustainable management of flood risks. 

For the development of the management plans, representatives of civil society and stakeholders are called upon to contribute their views, give us their opinions, and have their say. The people of the Danube River Basin will be affected by the measures following the plans for generations to come, and therefore, they are given an opportunity to have a word on their development from the beginning.

As of today, 31st March 2021, the ICPDR provides the draft management plans for comments on its website. The public is invited to submit comments on the documents – which can be downloaded here to the ICPDR Secretariat until the 30th September 2021. These can be sent in writing to the address below, or to the dedicated email address: Comments will be taken into account during the review and finalisation of the plans until December 2021.

ICPDR Secretariat
Vienna International Centre, Room D0412
Wagramer Strasse 5, A-1220 Vienna, Austria

The ICPDR is also hosting an online questionnaire about the plans, which enables the people of the Danube to have their say. You can fill in the questionnaire RIGHT NOW on our website here.

Finally, the ICPDR is also going to be hosting a online stakeholder consultation workshop. Our Opinion – Our Danube will be taking place via Zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All details regarding this open and public event scheduled for 29th–30th June 2021, can be found here.



  • » Public Consultation Questionnaire
    Take part and let us know your thoughts on our Management Plan Updates
  • » Public Consultation Process towards the 2021 Management Plans Updates
    The ICPDR supports the active involvement of stakeholders and civil society on all levels of its work. Two of the most important plans to the ICPDR are the Danube River Basin Management Plan and the Flood Risk Management Plan, aiming to implement the legal requirements of WFD and FD, comprising strategic guiding plans for water management over the course of six years. Both are to be developed with a range of public consultation measures.
  • » Draft Danube River Basin & Flood Risk Management Plan Updates 2021
    Outlining the key water management priorities for the Danube Basin until 2027, the ICPDR is currently consulting with the public regarding the 2021 Updates to both the Danube River Basin Management Plan and Danube Flood Risk Management Plan.

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