New Agreement Puts the EU’s Water Framework Directive Front And Centre

In the process of developing a way forward, some of the analyses undertaken have identified that many significant pressures derive from ‘hydromorphological alterations’ in the Danube. These stem from over a hundred years of engineering alterations in the basin to improve navigation, hydropower, flood protection, etc., and resultant impacts include a reduction in the ability of fish to migrate, plus the loss of ecologically vital wetlands.

How to address these ‘hydromorphological alterations’? Aiming to both stem such problems and avoid future pressures, the relatively new concept of integrated planning is key. Overcoming the resources gap and aligning efforts between the Danube River Basin’s EU and Non-EU states is thus more important than ever to achieving WFD-related goals. The GEF (Global Environment Facility) Danube River Basin Hydromorphology and River Restoration (DYNA) project aims to support Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia and Ukraine in developing the capacity necessary to monitor, assess and mitigate pressures arising from hydromorphological alterations and harness the benefits of restoration measures.

Aiming to last three-and-a-half years, the GEF DYNA project is to be implemented through a variety of local and international institutions including the WWF, ICPDR, ISRBC, Udruga Dinarica (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Svetska Organizacija za Prirodu (Serbia), and Green Home and EcoTim (Montenegro). Essential work with key stakeholders at both the community and governmental level will promote the project’s various solutions, pushing for exploitation across the Danube River Basin (and elsewhere!) GEF DYNA’s will lead to newly agreed methods and techniques and integrated plans across borders, leading to reduced pressures from the aforementioned hydromorphological alterations – and the improved ecological status of the Danube River Basin. 

The ICPDR is the Lead Executing Agency for the GEF project “Danube River Basin Hydromorphology And River Restoration (DYNA),” implemented by WWF GEF Agency. Pilot projects will be executed in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Ukraine.

Please see below the Environmental and Social Management Frameworks for each pilot (downloads):


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