ICPDR and GE in Partnership to Protect the Danube

Under the MoU, the three parties will work together with local governments, companies, educational institutions and NGOs, applying their expertise, technological capabilities and financial support. Through these actions, the parties will convey the understanding that water is a finite resource and its proper control and management is crucial to the well-being of communities.

“The long-term commitment by a leading technology company such as GE to actively create, develop, conduct and support a wide variety of activities to safeguard the freshwater ecosystems marks a significant step towards meeting the obligations of the Danube River Protection Convention,” said  Wolfgang Stalzer President of the ICPDR.

The Convention commits its contracting parties (Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, and the European Union) to join their efforts in sustainable water management, including conservation of surface and ground water, pollution reduction, and the prevention and control of floods.

Philip Weller, Executive Secretary of the ICPDR, added, “GE has extensive expertise in developing innovations that support ecologically sustainable energy and water management solutions. We are looking forward to working with them to encourage awareness and the transfer of knowledge and best practice for the regional benefit.”

GE’s green and sustainability efforts were included globally in a strategic program called Ecomagination. It was launched back in 2005 and embodies GE’s commitment to innovate and engage in socially and environmentally responsible actions that meet consumers current and future needs. Now GE’s Ecomagination portfolio includes more than 140 products.

“The partnership with the ICPDR came natural and it is the regional response to GE’s global environmental strategy for cleaner, more efficient sources of energy, reduced emissions and abundant sources of clean water. We have agreed with the ICPDR on a common action plan on how to better build a competitive Danube River Basin”, completed Cristian Colteanu, GE’s President & CEO for Romania, Bulgaria & Republic of Moldova.

“Through GE’s water treatment, wastewater treatment and process systems solutions we can help solve complex challenges related to water availability and quality, also to increase productivity and reduce costs.  Being a Business Friend of the Danube is an important step forward in enhancing the contribution our company can make in this region, also promoting environmentally-friendly policies and getting us closer to customers and communities”, stated Gaetano Massara, GE’s CEO for South East Europe. As a member of the Business Friends of the Danube, GE will join The Coca-Cola Company, Coca-Cola Hellenic, Borealis, the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF and others in ensuring high standards of operation by businesses in the region and in developing and supporting joint activities that promote efficient and sustainable water conservation solutions.

About the ICPDR
The International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR) is an International Organisation consisting of 14 cooperating states and the European Union. Since its establishment in 1998, the ICPDR has grown into one of the largest and most active international bodies of river basin management expertise in Europe. The ICPDR deals not only with the Danube itself, but with the whole Danube River Basin, which includes its tributaries and ground water resources.

The ultimate goal of the ICPDR is to implement the Danube River Protection Convention, and make it a “living” instrument. Its mission is to promote and coordinate sustainable and equitable water management, including conservation, and improvement and rational use of waters for the benefit of the Danube River Basin countries and their people. The ICPDR pursues its mission by making recommendations for the improvement of water quality, developing mechanisms for flood and accident control, agreeing on standards for emissions and by assuring that these measures are reflected in the Contracting Parties’ national legislations and are applied in their policies.

About GE
GE works on things that matter. The best people and the best technologies taking on the toughest challenges. Finding solutions in energy, health and home, transportation and finance. Building, powering, moving and curing the world. Not just imagining. Doing. GE works. For more information, visit the company's website at www.ge.com.


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