Get active for a cleaner Danube! And compete to become the 2017 Danube Art Master!

This year, children and teens from 12 countries and the EU are participating in this popular Art competition – Danube Art Master under the Danube Day 2017 motto “Get active for a cleaner Danube!” The artwork should be made only from natural material from a river bank, ideally the Danube or one of its tributaries. A digital photo of the creation, of a minimum size of 150 DPI, should send to a national organiser. Paintings or drawings will not be accepted. 

This 2017 edition of Danube Art Master is introducing a new and special category: the contestants can also make short films or videos, conveying the message of a cleaner Danube. The short films should not exceed one minute and have to be made with a camera or a phone, animations however are not allowed. The deadline for the competition is 20 July 2017.
The competition is jointly organised by the ICPDR and the Global Water Partnership Central and Eastern Europe (GWP CEE) in cooperation with the largest network of NGOs in the Danube Basin – the Danube Environment Forum. The project is funded by the European Union and the UNDP/GEF.

The Danube Art Master competition is an excellent opportunity for children to discover the geography, chemistry and ecology of rivers – in the field and out of their classrooms. And beyond that, the heart of the competition is uniting children across the entire basin and encouraging them to visit their local rivers and reflect on what Danube waters mean to them. Whether made using reeds, stones, driftwood or simply waste found along the riverbank, the diversity of the art produced illustrates the wealth of the Danube Basin and its unity under a banner that says: We love Danube

Find out more about the competition details, and how to participate on the Danube Art Master competition website. You can also browse the gallery on the ICPDR Danube Art Master page to get a taste of how the Danube rivers have inspired the region's children for many years. 

So, if you have not already done so, collect everything you need for the completion and off you go!

Source: ICPDR, Photo credits: GWP CEE

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