Danube Day 2013: Video Message by Commissioner Hahn

"Get active for the sturgeons" - this is the motto of Danube Day 2013. EU Commissioner for Regional Development Johannes Hahn has now published a video message to the people of the Danube Basin on this occasion.

He highlights three main issues in the struggle for sustainable sturgeon stocks in th Danube Basin: (1) the protection of habitats, for example for spawning; (2) the fight against illegal fisheries and caviar trade; (3) the re-establishment of longitudinal connectivity – the possibility for sturgeons to pass dams mostly of hydropower plants to reach spawning grounds in upstream areas. 

Commissioner Hahn also draws attention to the many initiatives that emerged from the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, for which the ICPDR is an important partner. To view the original video message above, your computer must support Adobe Flash.


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