Joint Statement follow-up meetings - Budapest 2009 and Zagreb 2010

These meetings  on the Joint Statement of Navigation and Environmental Sustainability are jointly organized by the Danube Commission, the International Sava River Basin Commission and the ICPDR.

The first Joint Statement follow-up meeting was held on January 29-30, 2009 in Budapest and was attended by over 70 representatives from ten governments (Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Republic of Moldova, Republic of Serbia, Slovak Republic, Romania), international and regional organizations (European Commission - DG TREN, DG ENV and DG REGIO, CCNR, RCC, REC, FAO, SECI, TINA), NGO's (DEF, WWF), and other stakeholders (EBU, Via Donau, Vienna University Boku). 

The meeting procedures and various presentations of the first follow-up meeting in Budapest can be found below.


The second Joint Statement follow-up meeting took place March 9 - 10 2010 in Zagreb.

Presentations and results of the second follow-up meeting can be down-loaded here.


The third Joint Statement follow-up meeting took  place April 5 - 6 2011 in Vienna.

Presentations and results of the third follow-up meeting can be downloaded here.



  • » Navigation
    Historically, the Danube and some of its tributaries have formed important trade routes across Europe. The harnessing of these rivers to facilitate navigation has radically changed their physical and ecological characteristics, while pollution from ships and boats is also a problem. In order to address this problem, the ICPDR is undertaking various activities.
  • » Joint Statement: Navigation & Environment
    In October 2007, a "Joint Statement on Inland Navigation and Environmental Sustainability in the Danube River Basin" was concluded and very positively received by stakeholders. In the years that followed, the responsible government authorities and interest groups met again to discuss the progress achieved so far and how to improve the application of the Joint Statement in waterway projects. These meetings continue.
  • » Development of the Joint Statement in 2007
    Between April and October 2007, an integrated stakeholder dialogue was conducted by ICPDR, Danube Commissson and the International Sava Commission. Main activities were 3 workshops and the drafting of the Joint Statement document.
  • » Second Follow-up Meeting in Zagreb
    The meeting proceedings and various presentations of the second follow-up meeting in Zagreb (9 - 10 March 2010) are given below. The proceedings will soon be available.