10 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the ICPDR

The “10 FAQs” were developed in response to enquiries from journalists, other river commissions, academics and decision makers who showed an interest in the ICPDR. As other river commissions will often be set up differently due to special geographic, political or organisational circumstances, the way in which an international river commission operates can be quite distinct.

The 10 FAQs to the ICPDR

1) What is the legal basis of the Commission?

2) What are the key functions of the Commission?

3) How is the Commission managed?

4) How is the Commission financed?

5) What are the means of organising the work of the Commission?

6) What are the role and responsibilities of the Secretariat staff and how are staff members selected?

7) What are the role and responsibilities of the delegations?

8) What is the role of the Commission in managing projects?

9) What are the most important activities?

10) What does the ICPDR do to assist dispute settlement?


Please find the FAQs with the answers as text here or download them as PDF from below.

In addition to serving as a communication tool for the ICPDR, the “10 Frequently Asked Questions” will also serve as a first step in collecting the equivalent information from other international river commissions. In the longer term, the ICPDR wants to promote the exchange and information flow between river commissions and water management bodies in Europe and worldwide. The FAQs will be the starting point for establishing an exchange on comparable information on basic, operational matters.


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