Carpet of Lemna and Salvinia in the Mosony Dunaj

Lots of LemnaLots of Lemna

Location: Moson Danube Arm, Hungary

The JDS2 first sampled Station 17 upstream from the enormous lock of the hydroelectric dam at Gabcikovo, Slovakia.

Commandos or JDS2 Fish Team?

Bratislava press conferenceBratislava press conference

Location: Bratislava, Slovakia

Today's highlight was the press conference held in Bratislava, Slovakia's capital.

Leaving Vienna and its Freudenau dam

On to BratislavaOn to Bratislava

Location: Morava, Slovakia

It was a late start from Vienna this morning, but well worth it.

Pröll and Weller on deck (Credit: Lebensministerium, Kern)

Austria"s Minister on-boardAustria

Location: Vienna, Austria

Press Conference

"The expedition is very rich in new data," said JDS2 Core Team Leader Béla Csányi. "We're finding animals never found before.

Team Leader Béla Csányi fills in lab protocols

More fridges and smooth sailing More fridges and smooth sailing

Location: Klosterneuburg, Austria

120 river km, four locks and three sampling stations - this was the ambitious goal set for August 18.

Assessing fish near the German-Austrian border

Hello Austria!Hello Austria!

Location: Jochenstein, Germany

After leaving Passau right on time, the Argus and Széchényi conducted sampling at the only station scheduled for August 17 near Jochenstein, Germany, accompanied by a Bavarian TV crew. Ms.

Sieving of sediment samples on-board

Back on scheduleBack on schedule

Location: Niederalteich, Germany
After a late arrival at Sampling Station 4 in Deggendorf, and late night discussions about reasons for the delays from the first few days, the expedition was finally coming up to speed.
Leaving Kelheim for Geisling on the 15th

A challenging start A challenging start

Location: Kelheim, Germany

After the Regensburg launch on August 14, the JDS2 Scientific Team set out for sampling station 2 in Kelheim on the Danube. This would be the first sampling stop for the Argus scientific ship.

Perfect... and sample!

Ships launched with major media turnoutShips launched with major media turnout

Location: Regensburg, Germany

The official launch of JDS2 was held today with a press conference in Regensburg, Germany, and the international distribution of a press release.

View of Sampling Site 1

The sampling begins!The sampling begins!

Location: Upstream Iller, Germany
Today, the JDS2 International Team began work at the first of the 97 sampling sites.
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