Geochemical maps - Danube River Basin

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The 'EuroGeoSurveys Geochemical Atlas of Europe' project is the European contribution to the IUGS/IAGC Global Geochemical Baselines Programme. The goal of the Programme is establishing a land-surface global geochemical reference network, providing multi-media, multi-element baseline data for a wide range of environmental and natural resource applications. The European project grouped geological surveys of 26 countries under the auspices of the Association of European Geological Survey (EuroGeoSurvey; formerly under the Forum of European Geological Surveys (FOREGS)) to provide the high quality European environmental geochemical baseline atlas and database. The main aims of the project were:

According to the recommendations of IGCP 259 (International Geological Correlation Programme: International Geochemical Mapping), Europe was divided into 160 by 160 km grid cells. Stream water, minerogenic stream sediment, minerogenic top soil and subsoil and soil organic layer samples were collected from five randomly selected 100 km2 catchment areas in each grid cell. Corresponding minerogenic floodplain sediment (the uppermost 25 cm) was sampled from one 1000 km2 catchment area that includes the 100 km2 catchment areas. Field work was carried out according to the commonly accepted Field Manual. Samples were analysed for more than 50 elements and other parameters such as pH and grain size. Nine laboratories of European geological surveys carried out the analytical work, one sample type was analysed in one laboratory using one method. Altogether some 400 geochemical maps describing the distribution of elements throughout whole Europe were prepared based on the 4,363 samples collected and analysed. All the results and field observations are organised in a common database and the maps were published as Geochemical Atlas of Europe in 2006 (Salminen 2006). The Atlas and data can be accessed from the Finish Geological Survey. All the sampling sites were photographed and this photo archive, together with detailed field observation database is available, too. Samples are archived for possible future need at the Slovak Geological Survey.


Clemens Reimann

Head, EuroGeoSurveys Geochemistry Expert Group

Geological Survey of Norway (NGU)
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Tel: +47 73 904 307
E-mail: Clemens.Reimann@ngu.no